LEED Certification

Sustainable design is easy and verifiable, with USGBC's LEED Rating Systems,
your project can be part of the internationally recognized program. We provide
expert LEED consulting and design assistance services.

Passive House

Passive House buildings use up to 86% less energy for heating
and 46% less energy for cooling as compared to typical buildings.
Looking to get to Net-Zero? Passive House is where you should start.

Building Energy Modeling

Estimating building energy use early in the design process will give you team
deep insight into cost-effective energy conservation measures and increases the
probability of implementation and the energy savings of your building.

The WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard is backed by scientific research for healthy building design. Focusing on Air,
Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind. WELL Buildings are healthier buildings. Pursue
WELL Certification to show your dedication to a healthy, happy, and productive indoor environment.

LEED for Homes

Signature Sustainability provides expertise in the LEED for Homes Rating System.
As a LEED for Homes Provider, Green Rater or LEED for Homes AP, we can provide
verification services or design assistance to get your project certified.


If you are interested in creating a project that is truly resilient, permaculture design
can get you there. Permaculture mimics the natural ecosystem to create a balance
between humans needs and the needs of the environment.

Training & Education

Signature Sustainability wants to share their expertise with your group or office. We can
provide training for events or groups that are interested in learning about general
sustainability and green building, LEED Certification, Permaculture Design
and more. We also coordinate sustainable design meetings and provide contractor

Beyond sustainability, for any project.

Our goal is to help push the industry to the next level. Through intelligent design strategies, we can help your project move beyond sustainable and towards a more regenerative and resilient smart design. Whatever your project goals, Signature Sustainability will work with your team to create a project that is more efficient, environmentally friendly and integrated to the natural systems on the site. With years of expertise in sustainable strategies, permaculture and regenerative design, we are able to find the level of sustainability matched for your project and budget.

Services Include:

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