The Permaculture Design starts with the initial consultation and takes you all the way to a final design and report. This option will give you a set plan to follow for your resilient design. In addition to the initial consultation, Signature Sustainability will meet with the key stakeholders of the site and perform one or more data gathering sessions to gain an insight into the landscape, buildings and natural systems, to see where potential opportunities for abundance exist. Through detailed discussions we will integrate your goals with our knowledge of permaculture to create a full landscape design for your site, along with a report which details potential plant species, polycultures and placement of systems to create the most benefit for the users.

Depending on the project, the design will include all or some of the following meetings and deliverables:


  • Initial consultation
  • Design Lab with all stake holders
  • Site Survey and Analysis
  • Pattern Recognition


  • Draft Design Review
  • Final Design
  • Final Design Report