Signature Sustainability has years of experience working on residential construction projects and sustainable design. We stay up to date on the latest; certifications, design strategies and material technologies in order to better inform our clients on the most energy efficient and cost effective measures available.

If you are looking to build or renovate a home or multifamily building, Signature Sustainability can help to reduce your building’s energy use through on-site inspections and verification, energy modeling and quality discussions – focused on sustainable strategies. If you’re looking to improve energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality and reduce negative impacts on the environment, LEED for Homes Certification, Enterprise Green Communities, and Energy Star Homes provide clear paths to achievement, based on your goals.

We can help your building achieve certification, meet city “certifiable” or stretch code requirements, or simply meet set sustainability criteria. Whatever your goals are, we can help to ensure your project’s design covers the basics for sustainability and indoor health, whether you are looking to build a single-family, low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise building.

Residential Certification Programs

  • LEED for Homes

    LEED for Homes is the international standard for sustainable homes. Earning LEED Certification indicates that your building meets comparable third party verified criteria for building energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, sustainable sites, materials and more.

    LEED for Homes is available for most residential buildings:

    • Single Family Homes and Multifamily Low-rise: Designed for single-family homes and multifamily buildings between one and three stories.
    • Multifamily Mid-rise: Designed for mid-rise multifamily buildings between four and eight stories.
    • Multi-family High-rise: Projects over eight stories can pursue certification using LEED’s commercial building rating system BD+C (Building Design & Construction).

    Single Family and Low-Rise Score Card: Homes
    Multifamily Mid-rise  Score Card: Mid-rise

    Click on one of the services below to see how we can help you achieve LEED Certification for your next residential project:


  • Enterprise Green Communities: Affordable Housing

    Affordable housing project can pursue LEED for Homes, but there is also Enterprise Green Communities Certification. Green Communities is similar to LEED, but with affordable housing specifically in mind.  The Green Communities Criteria focuses on eight subject areas to design and build better affordable housing for little to no additional cost. Registration and Certification of Green Communities is free.

    Enterprise Green Communities projects look at the following areas:

    1. Integrative Design
    2. Location + Neighborhood Fabric
    3. Site Improvements
    4. Water Conservation
    5. Energy Efficiency
    6. Materials
    7. Healthy Living Environment
    8. Operations, Maintenance + Residential Engagement

    Learn more about Enterprise Green Communities.

  • Energy Star Homes

    Earning an Energy Star Rating for your home or multifamily building shows that your building was built with quality and efficiency in mind. The EPA’s Energy Star Homes program is third party verified, and through on-site inspections, ensures your project meets rigorous criteria for:

    • Energy Efficiency (Heating and Cooling)
    • Durability and Water/Moisture Control
    • Tight Thermal Enclosure
    • High Efficiency Lighting and Appliances

    The goal of Energy Star Certification is to create better built, more comfortable and more energy efficient homes. Average energy savings is 30% from typical homes.

    Thinking of pursuing Energy Star? LEED for Homes is a great compliment to Energy Star as the program uses much of the same criteria for energy efficiency, but expands to go beyond energy and atmosphere and includes: Integrative Design, Location and Transportation, Sustainable Sites, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation, for more information see above.

    Contact us today for more information on Energy Star Homes Certification.