In recent years, building energy modeling has become a necessary component in the design of energy efficient buildings. Used as a design decision tool, building energy models help to give us an idea of how a building might perform based on massing, local climate, HVAC systems, building envelope and occupant behavior. Energy Analysts use modeling software programs to compare how certain design strategies will affect the building’s overall operating energy use and costs. These design strategies are also known as Energy Conservation measures, (ECMs). Signature Sustainability’s Energy Analysis Team has modeled hundreds of different types of buildings, so they’re able to provide an accurate estimation of your building’s energy demand.

Our modeling services include:

  •  Design Assistance Modeling
  •  Whole Building Energy Modeling
  •  Pier Reviews

Climate visualizations, like those shown to the right, provide valuable weather data which is input into the energy models to provide a more accurate estimate of building energy demand. Early design assistance modeling can be extremely beneficial to the design process, as it provides great insight into cost-effective ECMs, and increases the probability of implementation.

For example:

  • Adding 2” of extra insulation to the envelope will reduce the building’s overall energy demand, however the model may determine that the % reduction in energy consumption may not be high enough to validate the additional costs.
  • Through energy modeling, building mechanical systems may be able to be down-sized due to an extremely tight and well designed building envelope, saving valuable money up-front.

Models are run for different building massings, as shown by these images. Then based on the massing and other factors, the energy model will provide estimated energy demand to determing the most efficient design.

If you are pursuing LEED or just trying to design a more efficient building, energy modeling is a key tool in helping your project integrate sustainable and cost effective strategies.

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